I am no one but myself – unapologetically myself.

hat you are about to read is not self-promotion. The evidence is in the fact that most of you will turn away immediately – and that is the point; to save time. I want to meet like-minded people, so this is an honest, accurate description of myself. I am chaotic neutral, an intuitive empath, analytical, introspective, logical, expressive, unconventional, engaging, sarcastic, resourceful, passionate, self-aware, self-assured. I’m easy to laugh, and difficult to get to sleep. I write – all mediums; and more frequently just in my mind. It’s in my nature to notice what I can only imagine, rather than what’s right in front of my face. Sometimes I’m afraid that if I don’t leave a trail of bread crumbs, I’ll never find my way out of one of my daydreams, back into your reality, where you can all agree that I don’t pay enough attention to the things that, on a larger scale, just do not matter to me. That being said, I am not impressed by your superficial measures of worth.. i.e. your automobile, your career, or your abs. Who are you? I don’t live to perform in the moment for an audience of fickle, sensory driven animals. I have an innate drive to investigate life. I do not subscribe, I create. I am not popular, I am infamous. “Weird” doesn’t quite describe me, but considering how most of you are incapable of comprehending a more accurate description, “weird” will have to suffice, and don’t let my pictures mislead either. That’s just me trying on my human costume and painting it up to look all.. how do you say.. bootylicious? I just wear it so that interaction with you people is less awkward. However, lately it’s been hard to maintain as I have not much motivation to keep up appearances, so look out for an angry brain with tentacles hovering over your head as you are tucked into bed.


*This is not a replacement for my old lj. That is somewhere else. This is for more public posts. :]